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i feel your pain

jermaine when i first seened u, i wuz like dam..he is fine as hel.u chilled at my momma house even though i couldnt have boys come over the house..but i snuck u in my room cause i really liked you alot, and u were different, that what made me feel more attracted to you.i remember when u use to play yo,yos, especialy in school.peolpe thought that u were weird ,but i didnt.i thought that you are so cute ;).we had nice conversations on the phone.jermaine i wuz so young and stupid back are my every thing to me.and i XXXXXX it up.i think about it every day.i didnt mean to hurt you,i love u with all my heart.u comlete me.i made a huge mistake in my life thats how i learn and grow as an writing you this letter cause i care about u.. and i wish that u can for give me..and we can start all over one day when your ready.. and i will be the best girl friend you ever had. and one day we can get married and have kids.. i love u so much... i deserved what u did to me.. i know you still hurt.. cause if that wuz me ill do the same thing.. i feel your pain.. it hurts me so bad that u dont answer my phone calls or text..its killing me inside. it feels like a nife is in my heart and im trying to get it out but each time im pulling it out its hurting more and more..

love kim


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