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I left for Mexico

okay so i went out with this guy for about 6 months and evrything was going great we broke up later on in the month of april becuz ppl were saying he was cheating on me it turned out it wasnt true and i felt bad about it .later on in may he talked to me and my friend said he was going to ask me back out but we ended up arguing we didnt talk from then untill june he ramdomly called me asked me if i wanted to go to the park but i was grounded so i couldnt go but from then on he called everydaii. then one day i got in troble and i hung up on him called him the next day and i told him about it he understood so i called him from then one but i evtually only called him one time and ramdomly i left to mexico i didnt knoe so i didnt call him to tell him about it and wen i came back he had left to mexico and the whole summer i didnt see or talk to him then skool started we did talk to each other at all untill 4 months later it was a good conversation for about 3 hours and in skool we only said hii eveydayy untill i texted him one day and he was he answered but the next text he didnt and ever since then i havent talked to him and last week he we crashed into each other and he said u shouldve said excuse me and idk i felt anger and i raised my voice an said sorry then i havent talked to him becuz iam scared he will reject me as a friend and idk wat to do no more if to give up or not


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