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You have been right all this time

Baby, I realized it now. You have been right all this time; i was too selfish to see it. i know saying i'm sorry won't heal your heart nor ease the rage you have built up inside of you for me. I should have not did what I have done. You don't have to believe my words; but you can believe the pain that i am feeling from all of this. i should have left him alone the 1st time.....i did not. i had a chance the 2nd time............failed to do so. Now seeing you like this everyday filled with rage every time you look at me. i sense fear in my heart when you look at me with those cold blue eyes of yours that matches your cold heart. i want peace brought back into our home again. I can't breathe another day with this tension in our home to the point where im suffocating. Please, we have to stop this. i still care for you, i still love you. I can't leave you; something about you is keeping me here otherwise i would not be here this long after our break-up. please try to talk to me, i want to talk to you, hold you, make things right again so that way peace can live here in our home once again. i miss your laughter, your smiles, the way you touch me every nite we sleep. i do not wish to be your enemy; and i know you don't want that deep down. i understand your anger, pain, your suffering. I GET THE MESSAGE; YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCREAM AT ME! i am so terribly, truly sorry. i should have stop before it got worse and now i have to before something worse happens to you.


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