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You treated me perfectly

He was younger and new to my group of guy friends. Witty and competitive and very socially aware. I ignored his flirty banter as he tried to impress the guys and they laughed when I shut him down every time. But as he began to open up to me, I saw an incredibly intelligent and compassionate person that I really enjoyed talking to. We had full length text conversations about life and our problems on a daily basis. It wasn't like me to trust someone so easily, but I did. When I had a falling out with one of our guy friends and the guy began to talk poorly about me, he was there to stand up for me and he would have done a lot more had I let him. He told me he had feelings for me and I returned them. We began to talk every night on the phone for hours, the words meaningful and honest, the silences deep and profound. While my girl friends knew, my guy friends had no idea. And when we went out one night to dinner we ran into all of them at the restaurant. It was uncomfortable and we hurried to leave. By the time we left I was already receiving texts from the guys teasing me for being with him. That night the guy also told me he wanted a relationship. I am not good with trust and was not at all ready. Later that night at home I panicked. The peer pressure from the boys and the fear of a relationship drove me to call him and end things. He went through such a range of emotions on the phone...I remember each one so vividly. At the end of our phone call he was livid. He hung up and has not spoken to me since.

I think about him all the time. I wish I knew what to say to get him to speak to me or even look at me. All I know now is that he deserves better and I have to try to be happy for him as he moves on. I don't know why I did what I did. He was different, he could have made me really happy.

If he ever reads this --
You treated me perfectly. Im so sorry I didn't do the same for you. I miss you.


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