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I recently made the mistake of pushing away the one guy who truly makes me happy

I recently made the mistake of pushing away the one guy who truly makes me happy. We first met when we were 14 years old in the 8th grade. He was my best friend then. Throughout 9th and 10th grade we dated on and off. We would get together, be happy for awhile and then one of us would either get scared or just stupid and break up again. Of course that wouldn't last long. We always got back together. At 16, we broke up for the final time. I didn't see him again for about 7 years. I ran into his brother one night in a restaurant where my best friend worked. His brother and I spoke for over an hour, just catching up and getting reacquainted. Three nights later he showed up in a bar I was at with his brother in tow. We talked for hours. He told me then how much he had missed me, how sorry he was for the mistakes of the past and how he had come to realize that I was the only girl that ever truly cared about him. At that time I was going through a very nasty divorce and just could not bear the thought of starting another relationship with anyone. He tried to reconnect with me then but I just wouldn't let him get close to me. Now fast forward 18 years......

About seven months ago we got back in touch on Facebook. At first we just chatted occasionally. Little by little, we started IMing each other everyday and talking by phone. We eventually met up one night. Everything went perfectly. We talked, we laughed, we had the best time. That night made me remember why he had once been my best friend and why he had been so much more to me when we where kids. He is an amazing guy. Smart, kind, sweet, caring....all the things I have spent my whole life looking for. We met up several more times and things started to become more than just a friendship. He made me so happy by just being who he is and all the "little things" he would say and do. Then I got stupid and I got scared. I was so afraid of losing him, so afraid of getting hurt that I said some things that ended up hurting him, badly. We argued and with each argument things just got worse. As a result I have now lost the one person, the only guy that I have ever been truly happy with.

If I could go back and do things differently, I would. I would never repeat the mistakes I have made with him. I would undo every second of hurt that I brought into his life. I would give him the world.......


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