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I Love You... Always And Forever... I Promise

Babe i know we been through hard times cause of me.. I am so sorry my love. I am just so hurt and scared of losing you and i just realized i am ruining us by that.. I know i messed up and i cant even explain how sorry i am. All i know is when im with you i feel like time has stoped being in your arms i feel so safe. We BOTH made mistakes. But we cant let them mistakes ruin us.. We gotta learn from those mistakes babe.. Or we both might just lose the best thing we have together.. And thats our love. Im so inlove with you i have never ever been so close to anyone. Dont let this relationship fall. Hold onto it. We have an amazing thing together. Dont let this mistake make us fall. Cause honestly baby if i lose you ill have nothing. Your everything to me. Dont forget all the times we spent together the day walking by the water. Lets make more times like that. More memories we can remember. I dont believe you can only fall inlove once.. Cause baby i fall inlove with you more and more each day. So my love dont let us fall

I Love You... Always And Forever... I Promise


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