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don't listen to rumors

i dated this from 5th grade to 11th grade, and once senoir year hit, we couldt stand i thought splitting up would be the right thing to do. but we got over it when he kissed me. (giggles) i was a popular cheerleader and he was the skater boy who had a thing for drugs and skipping school. i was into girls nights and sports and shopping. little did i know, he was going to ask me to marry him. one night we got into a huge fight beacuase he cheated on me. he wa crying his eyes out. (little did i know it was a rumer) i broke up with him.
well, the next day he wasnt in school, and both of his parents were at work and came home to find him on the floor covered with blood. he slit his wrists and killed himself. i have never felt such horrific guilt in my life. so my advice to u is $%@^%&& rumers, when your with sombody you love, NOTHING or NObody should matter.


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