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He thought i was bi

Ok.Well Me and My Bf(ex)Were dating for a year and a couple months we were in love i still am in love with him, but we starte school and he went to hight school and im in 8th and im still in midde one grade below him and he broke up qith me because he heard this GIRL liked me. And he thought i was BI? Im not bi and i told him i was in loove with him and my friend told him i was dating the girl and he belived her? And broke up with me, Me and my bf(ex) have been through alot and he broke up with me over that little lie! and the a couple of days ago he went out with my friend? i was in tears i snapped on her and i broke up them two because i culdnt have that but while i was trying to break them up i called him crying and i coouldn't stop and he started to cry because he hates t this day me crying. and i felt bad but i couldn't help it): noow i am sorry for being in your life


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