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I'm Sorry for Cheating

Baby , I'm so so so sorry . I go to bed crying almost every night because of the regret I have. I know it was so dumb of me to cheat, and I wish I could take that all back.
I promised you I would never do anything like that to you, and I lied. I feel like trash when I think of it. Baby I love yo , you know that was my worst mistake ever . . . and I am sorry I hurt you . . . I was wrong.

I love you babe, you are easy to talk to, I can talk to you about things i'd never mention in front of anyone else , I can spend a whole day with you and not get annoyed or frustrated one bit , I love that you set goals for yourself , you think ahead for your life and you don't want to mess it up , you make me feel like i'm on top of the world , I'm a happier person when I'm with you , you are there for me when I need you , you respect me and sometimes I feel like you're the only one that does . ;

I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 months with my ex . My ex treated me like crap . He lied to me , tried to get with my best friends while he was with me , and got me in all kinds of trouble . The boyfriend of 6 months (now ex) treated me like a princess . Always put me first , never even looked at another girl , always took up for me , my family liked him , his family liked me , and I ruined it all because of a loser ex . :/


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