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Left my Long Distance Relationship

I've had LDR's before and they never lasted a year and I always said it'll never happen again. Then I started talking to someone my best friend was friends with and I ended up falling in love with him. We were together for a year and all the while I loved him but always wished I could have him here with me. I never got to see him in person and then this other guy comes along and starts sweet talking me.

My friends keep telling me to dump internet bf and go for the one who's here. Then all the thoughts of never being able to see each other and all the faults start popping up in my head and I finally had enough and ended it saying things like "I can't do it any more and there MIGHT be someone here I like" and he just let me go. I wish he'd say "NO" but he didn't so we fully separated and I started dating the guy who's here but I couldn't stop thinking of internet guy.

I was about to break up with the guy here cuz he wasn't...well he wasn't internet guy but before I got him on the phone he broke up with me by changing his FB status to "single" (karma?). Though that didn't hurt me at all but the fact that I left internet bf for him was a punch in the face.

A month or so passed and I sent an email to internet guy. I'm a complete bish I know, but I couldn't help but cry when internet guy started talking to me again. I still love him more than anything and wish he'd take me back. I've never regretted anything in my life until I did this. It's like that one quote "Never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love"


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