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I Hurt You

Six months ago, we fell in love, and all because I tackled you out by that tree. And for the first two months, we were just fine. But then came the summer, and although we stayed together, we were more apart than ever. That's when the arguing started. At first, it was over little things, but the arguing kept getting worse and worse. We still would get intimate, and when we actually got to go on a date that summer, we were almost as close as ever, but that didn't stop all the tears. And little did I know, but each time we argued, your heart was LITERALLY breaking. All those trips to the hospital you took, I now know were my fault. I hurt you so much, R, and if I had the chance, you know I'd change it.

But I've lost my chance, and even after we broke up, I kept on hurting you.

I'm sorry R, for all the pain. For all the hurt I caused. For never telling you why I was hurt, and hurting you more.

I'm sorry.


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