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You Didn't Trust Me

the first time i met you, i couldn't help but smile the whole time i was with you.
the beach, i loved it when you hugged me because i was cold, i loved the way you never asked to hold my hand, you just did so. i miss the time when we met up, like in the cinema, you held my hand and it give me goosebumps. when i got home, all i could think about what you!

why i loved being with you:
1.i had to stand on the toes to kiss you
2.the things we had in common
3.your smile
4.your curly hair!
5.i wanted to impress you
6.i wanted us to last
and so many more, trust me!

but the day you ended it, i felt like i had nothing to live for, you were my everything and i loved you so much!

the second time we went out, yes you WERE right! i ended it to get back at you, and i don't know what the hell i was thinking, losing you the second time made me feel stupid and still.. all i could think about was you!

when you told me you liked me again, i never could've felt more happy in my life! i felt like you was giving me another chance, but then you said you didnt trust me :/.. that you didn't want to get dumped again.

and i know i've brought it down on myself because i wanted to get you back nd i get that, but you had no idea how i felt. i know i did wrong by it but all i want now is you!

i want you back and i want you back now!
if i could turn back time i would, i regret finishing it because of revenge.
just please forgive me, i can't live without you!
<333 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

iloveyou so much, you dont understand!


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