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He Didn't React

He stopped keeping in touch and went to w with his friends. He didn't reply my txt, so i called him to find out wat's goin on cuz I thought he had some work issues while he was chilling with his friends and who knows even girls down there, anyway i told him it was over and was mad pissed cuz he didn't show no reaction. So i tried talking to him again! BIG MISTAKE!!! they always think you're up their ass. SO then i just let the time pass by.

He saw my ass getting sexier day by day so one day he stopped me and apologized for whatever happened with a hug!

OMG he's so cute! we're friends and he txts me once in a while which is very rare. but i die even to be friends with him, but i'll never let him realize cuz i don't wanna lose him as a friend.

He has been maturer and i respect him even more, i decided not to date because i tried talking to one other man before and didn't feel nothing for him, I kept comparing him to this dude. Therefore, i would rather be single!

I think i love him!

One apology changes so much, Please don't keep them hangin and clear the misunderstanding


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