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Hey baby (:

So you know how much i love you , dont you ? I mean after all we have been together since I was a Freshmen in high school , and now Im a Senior . But all I can think about these last few months is how much we've grown apart . We were best friends , we did everything together ! I thought that we would be together forever, just like you said . You were my first , my first with EVERYTHING . All of your flaws are what made you perfect in my eyes . I really did love you and believed that you loved me too . But baby , lately the way that you have been acting has changed my mind about a lot of things .

So . . . I wanted to say that Im sorry .

Im sorry for ever falling in-love with you . For ever giving you my heart , or any part of me . I wish that I could take it back . I wish that I could have saved my heart from all of the hurt , and saved all of the tears that I cried . Im sorry for being the girl that was there through everything , and for being the girl that you thought you were in-love with .

I guess that people change and no one ever stays the same . I miss everything about you ; your laugh , your smile , the way you looked at me and I knew that you loved me . I miss how we use to fight , and then make up like 30 minutes later and act as if none of it had just happened . But most of all I miss being your lover , I miss you holding me and keeping me warm . I love you baby , and always will . So Im sorry , but its just better for me if I just let you go !


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