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He Has No Choice?

I'm not really sorry, he is..... ok, here's the thing...

He's had a best friend for 5 years, a girl. Well, she dumped her bf and was coming onto him and he told me the truth and i trust him. I didn't like her from the start. the thing is that he keeps telling me that he's given up on her and doesn't want to be her friend anymore but everytime i go around his area, she's in his house or they're walking on the road together (and when they're together i become totally non - existent to him, he ignores me) and he keeps saying that he's sorry and that he doesn't have a choice. this wounds me deeply and i love him beyond anything. What do i do? Oh, and btw his excuse for not having a choice is because his mom and sister don't like me, they prefer the other girl.


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