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I Lied

B,im soooo sorrry for what i've puttin you through!! I know i f'ed up and lied to you twice about me going to my guy friends houses, and i knew i shouldnt have gone but i didnt have my license the first time, how could i leave? I never had sex with them!! I was kissed by them...i wasnt sure if i truly loved you, but hell I DO LOVE YOU!!!

B your everything toooooo me, i know you cant trust me, and i know you dont wanna get hurt again and i told you over and over again I WILLLL NEVER EVER EVER EVER HURT YOU AGAIN!!! I hurt myself, i ask myself everyday wtf were you thinking you retard!!, and at that point, i just wanna die!!!

B i love you soooo much, sometimes i dont think that you love me, because your hurting me more an more everyday, i know i hurt and your pissed off cause i lied to you but, do you not realize your pushing the one you love away, for someone who could put you in jail? do you not realize what your doing? I dont know how much longer i can do this for! Just know that ill always love you<3 please if you love me, and want to be with me you might wanna make the right decision!!


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