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I Broke your Trust

i lived with the quilt of what i did for 8 months. i denied what i did because i dreaded the day i would see the pain in your eyes and the day i would have to come to terms with the pain i have caused. your so kind and honest, why would i cause this? i still dont know.

my heart is aching so much and i dread to imagine the upset you have gone through. your amazing and although you may not believe me i love you. with all my heart i do. i will do anything to rebuild the trust.

i was in a bad place back then, was stupid for hanging with them people and i hope you realize that i came to my senses and i got myself as far away from them. your all i want. you and your cheeky grin. from the bottom of my heart im sorry, never will i put us through this again. iv learnt this lesson young and it shall stay with me for the rest of my life. i love you.


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