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Cheated Multiple Times

I found the perfect guy. The one who would never hurt me, lie to me, and always treat me like a princess. I was in heaven. When I went to C with a friend of mine we were in a hot tube and these guys came in. We talked with them and did some harmless flirting. My friend started doing so stuff with one of the guys. The other guy kept on moving his hand up my leg, trying to go places he shouldnt. I never said no, I never said I didnt want that. I really didnt want this guy to be all over me. But for some reason I never spoke up.

After C I continued to cheat. I hadnt seen my boyfriend in a bit over a month due to distance. The guy at our school took interest in me. He started texting me and telling me how beautiful I am. I was delivering papers for a teacher during class and he was in the hallway. we talked for a bit and he said "I wanna kiss you." Thats when I thought, "ok I got away with the whole C thing and that went really far. One kiss wouldnt hurt. My boyfriend wont find out."

So i kissed him once. then he started sending me nasty texts to send him bad pictures and to have sex with him. I cheated one more time after that. It was prom and my best friend and I went. She was from a different country so I was teaching her how to dance like an American teenager. We were all in a circle with our friend just having a good time when some guy came up behind me and thrusted himself into me. I was having such an amazing time that I just didnt care so I grinded with him.

That night I couldnt keep it from him anymore. I told him everything. I know what I did was completely wrong. I know I hurt him beyond words. We continued to date for a few more months until he finally told me he couldnt be with me anymore. It still hurt. I dont know how to express how sorry I am. I never ever meant those things to happen. I will do anything to make it up to him but he wont give me the chance. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me because I couldnt control myself or even just say no. I'm so sorry for what I did :(


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