Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
I Broke It Off

I was at school with this dude for about 5 years but was to busy with c that i did no notice he had loved me the whole time (he is a very quiet person) so in late year 7 he asked me out and i was so shocked i had to ask him straight up that if he actually asked me out...

i said yes but about 2-3 months later i told my two best friends i was gonna break the bad news to him but i told one of his bffs too just so i could give him a sign to bring his other snoby ******

so called friend away but he told him and he told the world and l found out...the last person to dump him made him cry so i found it hard but i got into a big fight with his snob friend and i ended up doing there and then....2 months on he still loves me but i don't have it in my heart to put him through any of that again...


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