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I Cheated

Im in love with so and so and weve been together for 11 months...he says were not dating but were so in love with each other and act like we are, but the problem is we go to different schools...only 1 town away. I love him so much and it kills me I cant see him everyday he has me going crazy and I would die for him..

But theres this one guy at my school in my grade who is perfect! And he just broke up with his girlfriend and he starts texting me and talking to me a lot and in classes, We start having more serious conversations. Soon enough we start holding hands and hugging and we eventually start dating.

Schools out and were still dating, we stared dating last week of school. I go to the town that the other guy lives and his friend prank calls us and I didnt know he was with his friend and he asked me questions and I accidentally said Im dating so so and not him anymore and I havent told him yet and I didnt know how cause he did this to me in the middle of the school year and he dated a girl I hated and he didnt tell me right away and we kissed alot on friday and he was dating her on sunday, I was so mad but so hurt I cried all the time.

I love him so much, but I didnt know how to tell him and he just found out and hes calling me names because hes mad and i know he loves me and doesnt mean it. Now were just friends but its so weird I think about him all the time and im still very much in love with him! But I like the guy im dating now but not as much as the other guy, we dont go to the same school is our biggest problem. It feels so weird just being friends and I dont know how to handle the problem, im still dating the guy i was in school i like hin alot but it just feels weird,not being with the one I love, but im beginning to love the one im dating. I just idk what to do....:/


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