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She Lied

well my girlfriend and I have been seeing each other over a month now. I know I have some problems that I try to deal with. I try my best to keep from accusing her of things that happened in my past.

here the thing I have lied to her about going through her phone, i get mad when she is on her phone texting when I feel she should be spending time with me. anyway while going through her phone i found some text messages that blew me away, very hard to believe this was happening. anyway the messages said a girls name but turned out to be a guy she was texing. she didnt tell the truth came up with a whole story, to protect a ex.

after all was said and done she said they were just friends. but I did dig a little deeper and found out she lied to me and spend the night at his house when she told me she was staying with a girlfriend. I confronted the guy he told me the whole story. then she finally told me the truth. no sex took place i do believe that. we agreed to put that behind us because I love her and she admitted it was wrong and what I did was wrong to by going through her phone.

I still find my self wanting to go through it. and I still ask questions about it. I want to stop this because it's pushing her away. im seeking help for my problem because I dont want to lose her and her son. I love them very much. AND iAM VERY SORRY BABE i WANT TO WORK THIS OUT AND BE TOGETHER. IM SORRY BABE i LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL CHANGE FOR YOU AND MYSELF. PLZ FORGIVE ME


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