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Couldn't Go To the Prom

I dated this guy for around four months. My parents weren't too thrilled since he wasn't anything like the goody goody my ex boyfriend was. Anyway, our prom was coming up and i wanted more than anything in the entire world to go with him. My parents didnt want me to go with him at all. I was so upset and i cried night after night; they said i could either go to prom with my ex or not go at all.

i hated them, i hated my ex, i hated everything. when the time came to tell my babee that there was no way i could go with him, he was crazy. he started screaming at me and it was awful. he didn't understand that i tried everything i could, i really did. I screamed at my parents and i could feel myself dying inside because he basically thought that this was an easy decision for me when it wasn't at i just want to say that i am so sorry, from the bottom of my heart. I don't value anything over you..this whole prom situation ruined me and my boyfriend wants me to disappear. i don't know what to do anymore, i'm trying to keep him out of site and mind but i can't.

i had already bought tickets and there were no refunds and even if i didn't go to prom with him my parents wouldn't have let me hang out with him or anything. i want my baby back more than anything, i would climb any mountain or fight off any army just to be in his arms and hear his beautiful voice again..i'm sorry, sorry, sorry!!!! i wanted to be with you more than anything and you don't understand and you have every right to hate me but i'm sorry!!!!!!!!


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