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We started as friends

well we started as friends end up being something eles .....i feel in love with him but one day he broke up with me i didnt know why but getting hurt form the one you love was the hardest part ..... but then said he wanted me back ... ndd i said yes but again end up breaking my heart 5 more time he always said he would change for meee but didnt keep what he said he said we will always be together

.....but since then i cant stop thinking about him i miss alot of thihgs about him ( hes blue eyes hes smile when he said he loved meee andd i cant belive i fell for than ) but bening a girl like me that starts to hurt and end up hurting me more people said i should just move on but they dont know what i feel about him but 2 mounth later saw him with a new girl friend i didnt know what to think i wanted

to cry but the one who got me thought that was some one special to me my best friend ......... but i still love himmmm but then becan friends and he still loves mee ndd hurt me again wow thats my sotry i love you robert form longfell middle school and in 6th and has colored eyes


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