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As I lay here at 2:01am. I think of how things have been and I think of how today went. The arguing,the cussing,and a few tears that were shed. I didn't mean the things I said to you,I dint mean to jump out of your car angry. I didn't mean it...but I did it anyway and I hurt you. I been hurting you ever since we have gotten back together January 1,2010. I guess because I've been in other sorry relationships I picked you as one too. The things I said and did to you cannot be taken back or unsaid. I don't know why I act the way I do,maybe its just cause I'm stupid because you are a good man to me and have been so sweet and sincere. Saying sorry can't take back all the things I said and did but I know that I do love you so much! Love brought you back to me even when I never thought you would. We met August 10,2007,we were together for almost a year but you left me for a whole year even though we were still friends we both got someone else. I will never forget on the night of new years eve a few hours before the clock struck 12am you came rushing over to my mothers and begged and pleaded with me not to go out on that date I had with someone else and that you had something to ask me at 12am midnight. I sat there being stubborn and nonchalant about it until I realized a few things... One that I was still madly in love with you,two that I wanted to be with more than any other man,and three that I wanted to be happy once again. Then once more on valentines we both dressed up,I wore a beautiful red dress,with red heels. You wore a black and red tuxedo and omg! You looked so handsome I started crying because it was the first time I ever seen you with one on. Lol that night was absolutely magical and we both loved it! Point is, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for hurting you and making you cry. I didn't mean it baby and I want you to know that your still the man I want to walk down the altar with, your still the man I want to build a family with,your still the one I love and the one I want to grow old with. I love and I hope we can work this out for the better. I love you sweetpea:)


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