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i know you hate me right now and that your really upset with me but you have to understand that i did what i did for a reason. i really love love you but i saw that our long distance relationship was getting the best of you. as much as it hurts me to say i was being a distraction in your life and i was always not around to be with you. and i think you really deserve someone who will be there for you 24/ if you think you're the only one thats hurting right now..your wrong. breaking up with you was the hardest thing i had to do and you just have to believe me that i did that for you. it might be really hard to understand but its true and i hope one day you'll realize it.
remember when i told you that i dont like cheesy people? and that ill never become like that? funny thing is i realized i became "cheesy" because of you. when we started being "us" you proved and showed me how real love is.the two years ive been with you were the best times of my life

so IM REALLY REALLY sorry for what i've done, and i hope you will find someone who truly deserves you and can ,ake you happyy.

again, im so sorry and this will be the last time you'll hear from me.i love you.........bye


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