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I have become a new person

In the timewe have been together I have become a new person. Where once I believed that I couldn't move my life in certain directions, you taught me that I could. I gave you my soul, my heart, my everything. I was never more open and never felt happier than when I was with you. But you shut me out, and you stopped talking to me and started talking with everyone else about me. You hurt me, wounded me deeper than any other ever has because I opened myself so fully to you. If only you had come to me, and told me what was bothering you... I love you, and our children more than I enjoy taking my next breath and seeing you shut me out and leave is hurting me in ways that I cannot imagine. I am sorry that, for whatever reason, you have decided that I am not the one you want to love for the rest of our lives. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to isolate you and I never wanted you to be unhappy. I love you so much, I dream so much about our life together and what it means to me and I realize that I am the luckiest person alive because I have learned how much love one person can truly have for another.


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