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The meaning of life drips away, never to precipitate up above, but rather doomed beneath for my sins upon you. You blessed me with experiences that I had only dreamed I would be lucky enough to have, and yet I did not keep faith with you. They say you do not know what you have until it's gone, and by the heavens above I cannot agree more. Without you, my heart beats cold, for the passing of days leads me to a place ever static. Whilst I know our smiles can still shine, the emotion of happiness is not what I've lost. The only way to describe the emotions I've lost is to group them with what is really missing from me, and that is you. The times we had, be them pleasant or distasteful, were, no, are an overlying cause of why I've become who I am. I am not regretful, for I am very luck to have had you in my life at all. The past will always be with me, and I will cherish it as well as I can, however that does not mean I am left without the lust for future confrontations that I know only you would be able to bestow. I love you, always, and I hope you can forgive me for my idiocy. If not, I pray the best for you nevertheless.


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