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Dear Wifey,
i Have played you about 3 times and i only confessed to one of them and i seen how you reacted and i know if i was to tell you the other 2, you would never want to see me again. Im way more than sorry and i kno words just dont cut it but idk any other way to say it. I been trying my best to make things work, i stopped all the games i been playing and i surprisingly fell in love with you, i feel like im living a lie because i havent told you the honest truth but idk, when i made those mistakes i was thinking on how we wasnt going to make it because of all the arguing and not seeing each other, but as time passed by we started to pick up on things and now i really can see me and you together forever, nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes but i think if i havent done what ive done i would of never fallen in love with you, i would of just left you and moved on, but know i kno and i will never ever make that mistake ever again. I love you with all my heart and i promise to God and you that i will do good and be a great boyfriend and hopefully soon to be Husband. Love you


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