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Trenton, we both have made mistakes and we both have learned and had regret. I cant seem to put the first moment i saw you out of my head, in math class when i made lame excuses just to get close to you, even though i had crazy butterflies in my stomach. My god your eyes had so much life and fun in them i felt safe in your arms and comfortable as long as everyone knew i was yours, things have changed, its more than a year later and when i see you i still try searching for some kind of sign that your still there, that the boy who once raced with me everyday had a thousand animals with, wiped away my tears, was my shield from pain is still hidden in there somewhere, but i cant seem to find him, everynow and than you when you cry for half a second or call me out of nowhere i think to myself this is it, he is back, and for just a moment i get those butterflies back and a smile, but than it fades just as quickly as it came and your back to her, i cant just push away what we had, no matter how bad i want it to just dissapear and i just want the pain to go elsewhere it wont, i cant do without you, i cant function, i NEED YOU, I WANT YOU, I LOVE YOU. when will you wake up and see that months later im still crying, im still begging, im still holding on, just tell me how to get you back and ill be there ill do it.

i love you wein,


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