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It was going great for two months until last week. You and I went on vacation for the first time. The weather was horrible and I bugged you about your weight and burping etc. Both of us didn't have the same sexual urges that we usually do but other than my bad behavour towards you you seemed okay and we got on well. We returned and you had gotten a bad cold. I called you for three days to see how you were but you never bothered to contact me like always on the days I didn't call. I became suspicious and went to check the dating site we met on and I noticed you back on the dating site. I became angry and emailed you and told you that I found you on the dating site again and to please return my stuff from your place. You never responded but returned my stuff. I emailed you and told you that I was hurt that you hadn't responded to my email and you emailed that you would be calling when you had some privacy at home because your son is always there. That was two days ago. You have not been back online but left your profile open.

I care for you very much. You're the first man in my 62 years that I have felt completely comfortable with and the first man that's given me great sex. You are kind and I was nasty to complain about trivial things. I'm truly sorry. You know that other than telling you to lose some weight for your health and to get your hearing aid repaired, I've always been very good to you. It may be too late for me and I'm hurting but I'm not sure if I deserve a second chance because if you did that to me I would be very hurt. I care for you very much.


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