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ive done so many wrongs by you but i cant get you out of my head and my life, i know you dont like my work or my career or the fact that i dont have time for you sometimes but u do the same things to me, i dont want to see you hurt and sick thats why i tell you not to do stupid things with your friends because at the end of the day they will all leave you and all you will have left will be me like so many other times that you decided that you were going to choose everyone else except for me. I understand that you were ready to leave your family for me but did you ever stop to think that my family is dependant on me. Did you ever think that my work is what pays for your clothes and the expensive food and the nice places you stay. I am soo sorry that i said soo many bad things to you but you just made me sick by telling me about you weekends of binge drinking with underage junkies that you call your brothers i love u soo much if only you would act like a responsible person instead of a bogan from the side street


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