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I never meant to be so complicated. Truth is shortly after "walking" into your life, I discovered you were exactly what I wanted. Your sad eyes seemed to speak to me from across the room. Your smile directed at me told me you too wanted to be loved. How cruel and ironic life can be. When you think of nothing, there it unexpected...and you so unprepared. We are so different you and I, and yet that was what attracted me. No hidden agendas, remember...what is there not to believe? That I could be as in love with you and equally desire you alone? That in a sea of people, it was you I noticed. I tried my best to win your trust, despite I knew you were very shy. And discovered that our wonderful differences were truly what keep us apart. I don't want to be your angel, bringing you rays of joy through flattery or flirtaous encounters. I don't want to meet you for coffee, a chat...and then sex. I don't want to give you my number at some book store, as much as my heart wants to. You see my dear, its not just your smile I miss...but your voice, your eyes, your gorgeous salt and pepper hair I dream of gently running my fingers through. Its all of you. I take all of you, all that you are and are not. My breaking away was to give you space, and time to see...would you equally take...all of me? I never said it. Damn, I should have. I could always see right through you. And I never understood your hesitation, your fear, you lack of confidence. But I never loved you any less because of it. I know that God hears us when we pray. I pray. You find the courage to find your way back to me. The wisdom to know this is me...saying I'm sorry and I do love you!


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