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Back in my life

Dear Seady.u & i have been through a lot these past months that we've been together.i have done some things & said some horrible things to you out of anger & fustration & most of the times i nevr knew or even understood why i was feeling that way,but u always apologised 4my mistakes & u always kept strong & kept the relationship together until one day when u just couldn't take it anymore,it hurts me 2 the core when thinking of how much i've hurt you,i've been trying with evrything i've got to get you back & be a better woman for you like u been for me,i nevr meant to hurt you,i just was insecure & controlling & didn't trust you even when u nevr gave me a reason 2.the house is empty without u,going 2 places where we used 2go 2gether it's torture,i miss even the most annoyin things u used 2do or talk about,being alone has been like a death sentence to me,i've lost wait,used 2 weigh 45kg but right now it has gone down to 42,i can't sleep,i can't eat & can't concentrate on my work.we talk evryday & even though we still have feelings 4 eachother,we can't help but argue even on da most silly things because we haven't healed properly,especially,i miss the way you used 2 call me "MY LOVE",u have been great to me & u took care of me & i would really like to do the same to you as i've learnt from my mistakes & want 2move on & want 2move on with u.I LOVE U VERY MUCH SEADY & want u back in my life.thank you.


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