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Please take me back

I know you must be terribly angry but please let me say this and I will leave you alone. Right this moment I am in the greatest pain I have ever felt. There is a huge ache in my heart and I am finding it very hard not to cry and breathe. However, this is NOT your fault. It is mine. I am so in love with you that I am trying to hold on to you to tight. I have argued with you about your pictures of your ex-boyfriends, I have argued with you about not messaging me enough, I have argued with you about not calling me enough, I have argued with you about not having photos of me on your computer and having too many of your old male friends on it. I have argued with you about not spending your free time with me. I have called you names that were not true. I have accused you of cheating and I got upset last night because you were doing something that I told you I was ok with. You also believe that I am spying on you.
I wish I was able to take all of these things back but that is obviously too late. All I can say is that I am sorry for all of these things. I am just a man trying to find my way. I fell in love with you on July 19th. I wanted to marry you less than two months later. You have put up with all of my bull and I have treated you terribly wrong. I do not want to control your life and I do not want to lose you. I adore you and N* and would pull my heart from my chest if it would bring you back to me.
However, you have made it clear to me that I have made too many mistakes and that taking me back is not going to happen. I wish will all my heart and soul that I can change your mind. I am SO SCARED to lose you. That is why I have been acting this way for the past few months. I am so terrified of losing you that I started thinking you did not want me. That is why I wanted more time with you, that is why I wanted my photos on your computer , and that is why I said the things today about the chatting. I did look through your pictures on your computer but I have never taken your passwords and I have not looked in your messenger . I have been in your myspace but that was with you there.
I have acted like a child for some time. I wish I could change in one second and become the man that you want and you deserve but I am me and I learn slow when it comes to this. I have been hurt so many times before and now that I have found such a wonderful woman I am throwing it away. I AM THE STUPIDEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!! I do not blame you for wanting to leave. I would too knowing that I have a CRAZY man always starting arguments or always thinking about cheating.
I promise you now SWEETHEART that if you show me one last kindness and take me back I will devote myself to becoming the man you WANT not NEED. I am SO SO SO SO SO SORRY about this. Please give me one last chance and I will NOT disappoint you.
You are the most wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Please do not let me lose you. If you LOVE ME please…please…please. Forgive me and take me back.




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