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I am sorry I was not strong enough to handle what was being thrown at us. I am sorry that even after all these years, I miss you. I am sorry that I let others influence my actions, I let others push me into doing somethings I did not want to do. I lost you, I lost all contact with you, and I have regretted it so much. I wish I could find you and let you know that everything we went through, it made me stronger, it changed my outlook on life and how I would live it. I was lost without you at first, I continued to make mistake after mistake, and then I remembered something that no one else knew, just myself, your brother and you. That I made it through something most people wouldn't have. I am a survivor, and I picked my head back up and carried on. And even though it felt devastating, and yanked my heart out of my chest- I had to let you go. For your own sake as well as mine. It does not change the fact that I loved you, I still care about you very much, and it does not change the fact that the distance between us does not waiver the what the heart already knew. I am sorry, I love you.


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