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Always my angel

You understood exactly who I was, yet my actions lacked any kind on consistency, and the truth was not plain.
I understand exactly who you are, yet I let myself seek hidden meanings, when the truth is plain.

I gave you valid reasons to lose your faith, feel pain, and it was unfair to you.
I made my own reasons to lose faith and the pain was real, and it was unfair to me.
I lost my confidence in us, in you, in myself and I let false beliefs of what you need control my existence.

It could only have made you feel you could not breathe.
It could only have made you feel that I was just gone.
It could only have made you feel alone in a relationship built for two.
It could only have made you feel that I lacked inner strength to do what I needed.

I don't know the future and I don't ask for you to know it.

I know now I have had time to digest and understand a lot about our actions, it's only a step.
I know now understanding it does not solve the problems, it's only a step.
I know now I genuinely want to handle so many things in different manners, it's only a step.
I know that the only way forward for myself, is to take truly and actually change the actions I need to.
It's the only step that truly matters.

I do what I do now for myself and I hope this benefits the person I do share my life with, you are still my desire.

If you know in your heart and soul, your happiness lies without us sharing our love, than so be it.
I want your happiness like I want my own but the only answers to that lie within you.

Whatever happens down the road, I still love you, but I love you enough to let go of us if that is your true need.

Make no promises, give me no false hopes, and give me nothing you will not give willingly.
I will not pretend to not desire or love you. The truth is the truth and you deserve nothing less.

You are a beautiful person, always my angel, and that will never change.


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