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Touch those clouds

Memories of a past love. Sometimes we forget the wonderful times. Going deer hunting in the grove with only one bullet. Dancing under the light of the moon at the pond. Travelling with a sick child, hosing things off along the way. Taking that trip to see the gators, no kids and assisting the elderly man with his flat tire on the way home. The miniature three wheeler midnight rides. Bass caught and gators fought, the huge bonfires and jumping over the flames. Fishing and the catfish flying into the boat. Our sweet, handsome goat. The tears you cried when the calf died. I remember these moments, I will always cherish them. I am so sorry...All the miles that separate, here without you, dreaming about you. But you're encompassed deep within my heart. There is nothing, nor anyone who can take that away, it is here to stay. Here without you, but at night you're holding me and telling me everything's going to be alright. You knew how to save a life, you saved mine. I needed to give you a chance to save your own. And I lost my friend. When you love someone, wanting to see them happy and to grow, sometimes you just have to let them go. So fly Babe',please fly so high and touch those clouds in the sky. Quit hurting and asking why. I forgive and I also apologise.


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