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Over forever?

I am so sorry that i lied to u i total understand that u dont want to here this or ever see my ugly lying face again but i was going to tell u that maybe we could just start over, because i have now got my self into this big lying thing and i didnt tink that we would really talk to each other and stuff and see i should have not bein lying in the first place but if i really liked u i would have never lied to u see it is difficult ,because i fell like u r really and truly differnt from any other boy imet i thought we would be together 4 eva but as we can see it is not happining that way but if i keep asking u to go out wit me and saying give me another chance and stuff u just goin be like omg she get on my nerves. I guess it is time 4 me to press da delete button, but if i just fell like this big lier and like u cant trust me or just stand to look at my face right now at all i totally understand i just had to get this out of my head.I just dont want u to be tryna like go out wit me jusx because u feel sorry and sad 4 me.You sad that i am not cute or even close to being fine! So there 4 i am jusx going to try my best to jusx let u go but like i told her i cant make nobody like me or go out wit me, if u like me then u like me if u dont then u jusx dont!I jusx wanted to let u know that i really am sorry 4 lieing to u and i promise to god i will never ever ever lie to u again but looks like i want be lieing to u i guess i should have jusx belived u when u said I DONT LIKE LIERS i really should have belived u i guess i wasnt planning in the future and its like if i countine i will jusx cry even more!!!!! Jusx please except my apology i was dumd and i should have thought about in the future. The next time u see me i will proably look way diffirent i will probably bruse my self up or somthing i have to find a way to reward myself 4 being the biggest liar in the world!!!! I am going to cut myself and then jusx go crazy jusx i am the biggest liar in the world. I really do like u and it truns out to see dat u dont like me anymore so we need to jusx work this out or something because, i cant live my life like this. Their is to many tears, i need to stop crying i am breaking down in tears as i type this message to u. Jusx to let u know ur the only boy i've ever cried ova.So now u really know how sorry i am but i guess its not good enough of an apology i guess i am running out of time its too late i cant save this relationship!!!!!!!! Or can I? (to be countined)

u knoe who

p.s tell my suppose to be step brothers i am sorry and tell them my last goodbyes ,only if u dont give me another chance!!!!!!!
" i am saying like dont tell them that unless we are ova 4 eva.(lol) wit u lil slow self (lol) u know im just playin wit u."


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