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Love has no age

I was 13 when I fisrt saw you. Honestly, I din't like you at first sigh. Ok, I'm lying, again, because the moment I entered in the classroom my eyes couldn't see anything else. I knew from the first day that you would be the most important person in my life. About November, you asked me to go out, and I said yes. We did kiss each other, and wow, that was the greatest feeling I've ever had. Our love was going stronger and stronger each day. I was completely falling for you, you were everything I wanted. But in December, we had a fight. You must be thinking, kids, that couldn't even hurt. But I'll tell you: it made me feel like I was the worst person in this world. We made up again after that fight. We though that nothing could bring us down again. We went out, still on December, and things were getting colder. I didn't speak to me like you used to, and you didn't even look me in the eyes. And I could do nothing, cause I knew it was all my fault. January, we broke up. I cried, I cried so much. But with time, things were going back to their places. April. I said that I would surely like to be your friend. We became best friends. September. You told me you still love me, and I told you I love you back. October. I just don't see you the way I saw before. I made you fall in love with me again, and I'm breaking your heart. I'm sorry, I'm sorry because I know how it feels being heartbroken, and I'm sorry for making you feel the way you're feeling right now. I've never seen a boy cry before you. And that makes me really sad, cause I know you were so important to me, and you still is. Not just the same way. You was, and will always be, the best part of my teenage story.
PS: You might think I'm too young to be involved with this kind of stuff. But all I know, is that love has no age to happen, and when it happens, oh, you must enjoy it before you fall again.


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