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One true love

Well i havent done this before but here we go it was about 3 years ago when this happend but i still feel the need 2 apoligize to him he was standing there asking me a question but i didnt here him then he walked away i ran after him asking what was wrong but he never answered me and i was sad but then the next day he said he couldnt date me any more but i couldnt stand my life with out him he means the world 2 me still but he said he couldnt becuz of reasons but he would date me when he could when he finally could i asked him if he would date me again but he said no and i was really sad then i sorta became emo because i missed him so much but the next year he moved away far away and i spent the whole night crying and i am sorta starting to cry while im writing this but i never got the chance to tell him how i really feel about him but if he reads this i want him 2 know i love him with all my heart and usually i dont mean this but i mean it this cuz he is my 1 true love


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