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Denied it

Hi, i dont know why im writing this, i got inspired by another comment on here, this isnt really a sorry but it is close enough.

You and I were best friends, how this happened i dont know. We talked about everything, we were in most classes together.
I didnt like you at the start. I never thought i would, but does anyone ever think they will?
Anyway, you had your guy, you and he had been going out for ages. It wasnt until you guys broke up that i actually started liking you. We were the best of friends. You were so sad, i helped you through, we were getting closer.
Then we kissed, just as friends, just for fun. That was probably the point that i knew my thoughts for you were serious...
You are so amazingly beautiful...
Then you told me about him, my BEST friend, you liked the guy that was my best friend, and always will be. You told me the things you had done with him. You then told me that you hated him and so you started going out with this random guy. Then you broke up with him and went back out with my bestie. Sad.

We were so close that EVERYBODY thought we were going out. I always denied it.

But then i told you, you asked me, and for some reason i couldnt lie to you. I told you. Then things changed.

Then stuff happened. We went on a holiday together - bad idea - this is when you started hating me.

I got moved away. You still hate me.

Im here, away from you, you still hate me and you still tell me all the things that you and him do together.


What is the point of all this? Well, frankly, i dont really know myself. Im sorry, for all the hassal i caused you. For everything ive ever done to make you unhappy. Im sorry for saying that thing that makes you happy. Im sorry & Goodbye.


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