Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
In love on the first date

We were 2 years apart but we still found each other. We fell in love on the first date, even though I was late.
I made too much drama over the little things you did.
But I knew that I loved you, even through this.
I didn't have much but I had you, and you could of had anything I could give you.
People told me I couldn't leave you even if I tried.
So I lost you just to prove that I could.
And now I still sit here hoping you might come back to me, but you found someone else... I made you find them.

I remember seeing your face as I broke your heart slowly day by day.
And all I want to do is take it all away.
But you have someone who has fixed you.
And it kills me to see that he's better than me.

So I guess I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I broke your heart, I'm sorry I wasn't stronger.
I'm sorry that it took me so long to let you find him.


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