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Amazing Dad

I grew up around mom's alcoholism and never thought it'd hit me in the long run.That I'd end up with so many bad habits.Not once did I ever look down at the steps I was taking and ask myself if I was trying hard enough to remain not like her, or if I was walking in that same exact direction. Dad, I Know I've caused you a great deal of alot of stress and pain these past years, and with everything we've been through, you still seem manage to smile at me and tell me that you'll always care, and I can't stress to you how sorry I am for putting you through all of it. If I was to say it wasn't my fault, I'd be lieing to myself, but most of all, I would be lieing to you. Hurting you was the furthest intention I ever had in mind, but I have done so more than I can stand to acknowledge. How you've always been there for me through thick-and-thin, for always being able to have the strength to carry on with your daily life even though you were hurting so much deep down. . . It's all made me realize how fortunate I am for having such an amazing father such as yourself.If I could replace the moments of not being there for you when you needed me with ones that are fulfulled, I'd live every second up to the days we live on now. Maybe someday I'll gathered up enough courage to tell you this face to face because you deserve to know that I truely am sorry. Thankyou, and most of all, I love you dad.


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