Saying Sorry @ RomanceClass -
My love, My lust, My lost

Perhaps I wasn't suppose to breath through the entire moment we lived.
I have never felt such passion... it still haunts me.
Perhaps it was lust, and love was simply a thought to ease.

I could be wrong.

It could have been love, but could not take the risk.

I have lost you.
My apologies are all worn out.
I didn't think it would last, though you promised me forever.
I have been mistaken, now alone I write this to you.

I wish I could take it back. I wish I could start again. I wish you were there. I wish you could forgive.

Perhaps its too late, I have changed you. I did not want to, but I have changed you... and that is my punishment. No need for words. I can feel you.

My love, My lust, My lost...



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