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Laughing and smiling again

I cant be your lover or friend anymore. I told you if you did the same thing to me again i was leaving you for good. You dont seem to listen very well. I cant be a lover or a friend to someone that hurts me and lies to me all the time. I was there when you didnt have nothin,i gave you my last dime,i was there when all we had was each other. You took my love for granted. Its best for me to leave you alone for good i cant deal with you and your sad a** lies. Should i say sorry? No i dont think so but this time im droppin you like a bad habit. Just another guy that was in my life for 4yrs and now is thrown in the trash. Your a user,a cheater, and i hope that the one you do get with sees you for who you really are a FAKE! Thats why i said NO MORE PAIN..NO MORE WONDERING IF YOU WOULD EVER COME AROUND..NO MORE YOU AND YOUR LIES! I DESERVE THE BEST AND YES I FOUND HIM,HE'S BEEN IN MY LIFE ALL THAT TIME AND I COULDNT SEE BUT I SEE NOW...AND I CAN TRULY SAY "I CAN BREATH AGAIN" I FIND MYSELF LAUGHING AND SMILING AGAIN


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