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Suck the poison

I know I have issues and you can only take so much until you just break down and want to leave. I know saying sorry doesnt mean a thing when i do the same things to hurt you over and over again.When you agreed and said you were done for good today it felt like i was stabbed with a knife. You ask me to prove that i love you so ill do it the best way i can, when you love someone you let them go no matter how hard or bad it may hurt. when you love someone you let them go because its not about you anymore. even if it hurts im not going to be selfish, ill let you go. you have every right to not want to believe me since i have a bad habit from running from my problems. So I really think that if I love you as much as i say i do ill suck the posion out of my life but letting you go. ITS THE HARDEST PART, BUT IM GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.


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