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i just want to say sorry for all the times i was cold and unable to express how much i love you. I want to say say sorry for making you feel like your anything less then my best friend. i want to say sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. i want to say sorry for lowering your priority and making u feel unwanted. i want to say sorry for taking you for granted, and not noticing you when all you wanted was a token of my love. i want to say sorry for ignoring you when u asked me to care for you. i want to say sorry for not telling you when i was breaking down and just letting u watch the person you love change into a monster. i want to say sorry for making u feel guilty for being happy. i hope one day i can help you find someone who will love you and treasure you and take care of you better then i ever could. i hope one day i can be for you what you were for me, someone i could always turn to and know that no matter what u'd be there for me. i hope i can help nurture u into a happy relationship with s1 that will last forever and then i can leave knowing that forever you will be safe. i wish i could get over this so that you could be happy. i wish i could stop making mistakes so you could move on. i wish my heart would stop being broken so you could stop being guilty. i wish i was allowed to do anything for you for no other reason then i owe you that much. goodbye my best friend, ill always appreciate the imprint you left on my life.


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