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I am in love with that girl

I was feeling moderatly depressed; I was feeling very small compaed to the world, as of late. The negative feelings I was having made me feel like I was being eroded away into a completly differnt person--someone who didn't enjoy life as much as I used to. I made the comment to my beautiful girl that I was feeling awfully blue. And, as we talked, I had confessed that I was very afraid. She asked me what I was afraid of. And, after swallowing hard, I said, "I'm afraid that I am no the man you feel in love with, the old-me. I feel that, since these sad thoughts are destroying my once-happy personality, I'm becoming someone I don't want to be. And, I feel that if I change too much, you will fall out of love with me."
Soon after that, she burst into tears and, after carefully asking her what was wrong, what was wrong (I had no clue why she should be crying, I didn't think I had said anything offensive) she finally told me that my words had cut her deep. She claimed that my faith in hr love had dropped so low that I actually thought she would not love me anymore? she asked. I realized my wrong and held her tight (we were outside at this time and it had started to rain, by the time I let my true angel go out of my warm arms, we were both completly soaked and dripping)
I'm sorry for doubting your love, my angel. My faith did run low. And, it took the very sight of you crying at my hurtful words to sober me up and I now live a life fully renewed, like someone who was drowning gasps for fresh air. I ake up every morning and see our picture sitting on my dresser, and I think to myself, "Man... I am in love with that girl, that amazing girl... and she loves me right back..."
And that thought alone chases away any sadness that I may have in my mind--I love her and I am sory I had to see your hot, hurting tears to suddenly see that you're my sweet dream and I love you today, tommorow, and forever.


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