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God never judges

My boyfriend and I are not perfect. Our relationship has not been perfect in it's 4 years. I have cheated he has cheated. I have never been caught he has every time. we love eachother & realize that we are humans & that we make mistakes. we are finding our faith & realize our problems are not necisarily in our relationship but in our lack of faith and forgotten morals. Love forgives and love rejoices in good & we cannot not forgive & not overcome our problems - God has neverending love for us. He forgives everything that we do & never judges us for he knows the path we are going to take before we ourselves do. Love, marriage, relationships are not easy. They take work, honesty, communication. Our society is built around doing what brings money and fun fastest. This is not the best choice marriages fail more in todays society not because divorce is more accpetable but because we made divorce more acceptable by not putting our "precious" time & energy into the things that matter most at the end of the day. Please take the time to give your relationship time & energy and before you end it try to work it out.


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