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How stupid I am

I have to tell you something, itís about me. I should tell you bcoz I want to be true. I erased you in my friendís list coz Iím afraid that you may know about me. The fact is, I was in unsettled relationship with my boyfriend when I met you. By that time I was emotional, I need someone to be with, such as Ďfriendí. And suddenly you arrive. You seem happy, kindly, tender, considerate, wise, conceivably many things. We talked every night. We text each other. We have dates. You smile and laugh with me. You sing for me and it is so songful. I can not forget you. I feel so different. You made me crazy in love. It is wonderful and bizarre. Youíre giving me reason to be happy again. I ignored it at first, but my heart is weak and I fell to you. I have no intentions to hurt you. I tried many times to tell you. But I can not lose you. I am happy in you. I donít want things that will fail us. I said to myself that I will be honest in our relationship. Love you with all my heart. I really care about you. But how I do everything, I concealed the fact that I made. If I will hide it to you, you will never understand me and love me back. You donít deserve me. How stupid I am. Iím a cheater. Iím sorry for what happened. I do not consciously do that..


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